16th Oct2014

SCF Episode 108 – Philly’s Bad Boy of Comedy

Philadelphias Bad Boy of Comedy is back again in SCF studios. He is talking about Nick Toons porn, losing weight, what he did with the Rome Major...

11th Oct2014
OS Sports 10-10-2014

OS Sports 10-10-2014

Omar is back with comic Dave Killz. They talk about the ups and downs of the Eagles season and whose to blame. They address the problem with...

03rd Oct2014

SCF Episode 107 – Det./Superhero Dave Terruso

Dave Teruso, Philly comic and author of detective novels, Cube Sleuth and Lost Touch,  joins SCF. Dave delves into his writing process and about some things he...

28th Sep2014

OS Sports 9-27-2014

Omar Scruggs is back again to talk Philly sports, more importantly how the birds are starting out their year, Colin Kapernick saying the word N–, Tom Brady’s...

25th Sep2014

SCF Episode 106 – Ice Cream’s Eddie Finn

The Baby boy of Philly comedy, just turned 21, and is finally allowed into SCF studios. Listen to Eddies ventures into adulthood as he talks about his...

25th Sep2014
gotham 3

Pilot Review: Gotham

                                 As firmly as Marvel has ingrained its characters within American and even global pop culture,  the world still loves Batman more. They don’t like the DC...

19th Sep2014

SCF Episode 105 – The Last Stand

Dan and Kevin fight over stupid things and things get heated between the two as they discuss the Philly Hate crime saga, yelp reviews, Adrian Peterson hitting...