21st Aug2014

SCF Episode 102 – Mikey Gleason

Funny or Die, QVC star and Philly comic Mikey Gleason come to SCF. Mike brings up movies, Dan gets excited, Kevin tries his best to contribute. They...

18th Aug2014
SCF Knife fight

SCF Episode 101 – 100th Episode Hangover

Kevin and Dan are by themselves this week after a crazy 100th episode. Dan tells Kevin all about Charlie Manson’s hot 25 year old wife which Kevin...

11th Aug2014

SCF Episode 99 – Matt McCusker

Listen to SCF’s exclusive interview, with the winner of this year’s Philly’s Phunniest winner, Matt McCusker. Listen to Matt talk about how much his life has changed...

08th Aug2014

OS Sports – 8-8-2014

  Yes Yes Yes OS Sports is back. This week’s guest is comedian and promoter Stax nificent. He and Omar talk about the birds, the most gruesome...

01st Aug2014

SCF Episode 98 – Chris Stenta

Chris Stenta, Philly’s Phunniest Finalist, joins SCF this week to tell us who is the most important person in a Red Lobster, it’s not the manager or...

24th Jul2014

SCF Episode 97 – Michael S. Watkins

Michael S. Watkins joins Super Crappy this week to talk things: Things like about his $5 Comedy show, the origins of the “S” in his name,  the...

18th Jul2014

SCF Episode 96 – Jenna Kuerzi

    This week SCF is joined by actress Jenna Kuerzi. She stops by to give Kevin some acting tips and they actually discover a connection previously...